In actie voor Stichting Opkikker!

Pantelis Karavassilis

( Lid van team: Connect Run 2022 )


63% bereikt van mijn streefbedrag € 150

Hey there!


For our 2022 edition of the Connect Run me and my colleagues at Eurofiber are running to raise funds for the Opkikker Foundation.


While reading this post, most of you are probably already back from your summer holidays. If you are still on holidays, turnoff your laptop or phone immediately after reading this! Most of us (my self included) tend to forget how fortunate and priveleged we are to be able take time to disconnect and unwind while we are on holidays.

For families with seriously ill children this is next to impossible. The Opkikker Foundation addresses this by organising days for these families to relax. 


If you would like to make my logging kilometers on Strava that much more enjoyable, go ahead and support my Opkikker Foundation Campaign.

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